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IEBC set to announce the presidential results today- says Chebukati

IEBC set to announce the presidential results today- says Chebukati

The IEBC will today announce the results of the presidential candidates, ending days of anxious waiting.

The commission is expected to declare President Uhuru Kenyatta, who, according to the electoral agency’s online transmission portal, has been ahead of NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga with 1.3 million votes.

Uhuru had 8,104,350 votes against Raila’s 6,704,589 votes in a race dubbed a 2013 rematch between the two scions of the country’s founding fathers.

NASA had disputed the portal results terming them fake and a fraud.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati said they are hopeful of concluding tallying the results from the 290 constituencies by tomorrow and immediately thereafter declare the winner.

Speaking during the first briefing yesterday, he confirmed a total of 117 form 34Bs have been received so far. They hope to get the remaining 173 by noon today.

The commission chairman, being the returning officer of the presidential contest, is expected to later today to make the final announcement after collating the 290 forms 34B.

“We have called all the returning officers to ensure that all the form 34Bs are here latest 12pm tomorrow. We will validate the forms and make the announcement soon thereafter,” Chebukati said.

From the forms 34B the commission will generate the Form 34C, which is used to declare the winner in the presidential race.

Already two presidential candidates have conceded defeat.

Thirdway alliance candidate Ekuru Aukot and independent candidate Joseph Kavinga Kaluyu said they had no mathematical chances of winning the race, which, according to the results displayed by the IEBC, turned to be a two-horse race.

Aukot had 26,947 votes, while Kavinga managed 11,520 votes from the Tuesday General Election.

Opinion was however divided on the outcome of the verification of forms 34B at Bomas of Kenya, the national tallying centre.

NASA claimed some discrepancies were detected during the verification process, whereas the Jubilee team rubbished the claims saying the differences, if any, were minimal and could not tilt the scale.

Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju yesterday said that the forms they had randomly gone through tally with the results relayed in the portal which give Uhuru an unassailable lead.

Both sides are doing a random check of the 40,883 forms 34A signed by political party agents and presiding officers at the polling stations.

But Raila’s agent leading the verification at Bomas, Koitamet Ole Kina, claims massive tampering with the forms.

“Can you manipulate 40,883 forms 34A to tally with the displayed results?” Tuju questioned.

He said President Uhuru’s win is clean contrary to the opposition’s rigging claims.

“We didn’t have governor in Coast now we have two. We didn’t have an MP in Western now we have three Jubilee MPs. In Kisii ODM has not a single MP,” Tuju said.

Koitamet said in most forms availed by IEBC they detected a constant subtraction of an average three votes from Raila with the same being added to Uhuru.

“The forms availed by IEBC for verification bare different figures from the ones signed and copy sent to us by our agents,” he said.

ANC secretary general Godfrey Osotsi added the subtraction of Raila’s votes was massively detected in Nyamira and Kisii counties.

Uhuru performed exceptionally well in the two counties earlier viewed as NASA zones.

The opposition verification team also demanded that IEBC make public polling stations that still have no forms 34A attached to the text results in the portal.

But in a media briefing yesterday, Chebukati said that by 2pm yesterday, only 1,032 of the 40,883 polling stations had not transmitted the crucial forms 34A.

As at 2pm, the IEBC had 117 constituency tally forms 34B and only 1,032 of the 40,883 polling stations had not transmitted forms 34A.

They had also received more than 80 of 290 forms 34B and 26,424 of the 40,883 forms 34A forms have been posted online.

The commission also assured Kenyans that their database is safe and a preliminary probe in the alleged hacking revealed an unsuccessful hacking attempt by an unnamed third party.





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